Bishops Waltham Museum Trust at  the Palace Farmhouse
The Museum at the Palace Farmhouse   
The Museum is closed for the winter months but will open again on 4th May 2019.
We also hope to open for Easter weekend. Please watch this space for confirmation.

Bishop's Waltham Museum invites all Friends, Volunteers and potential Friends:


Alan's talk traces the history of the branch line from Botley to Bishop's Waltham from its opening in 1863 to its closure in 1962, and the subsequent conversion of some of the trackbed to a popular footpath.  The talk will cover the social and economic impact of the railway on the town.
Monday 18th February 2019,  7.00pm  Bishop's Waltham Youth Hall (Opposite Budgens),

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Bishop's Waltham Museum Trust was formed in April 1984, by John Bosworth and others, to establish and maintain a Museum in Bishop's Waltham for the exhibition of items of historical and archaeological interest relating to the Parish and surrounding area.

John was an enthusiastic and talented historian who documented the many changes to Bishop's Waltham over the years.
The Bishop's Waltham Museum is now housed in the ground floor of the farmhouse in the beautiful grounds of the Bishop's Waltham Palace,

Opening Times and Public Events
The museum will be open from 4th May to 29th September 2019, on Bank Holidays and Saturday and Sunday only. 12.00 - 16.00 pm.
The Palace Grounds are open daily between April and October and at weekends throughout the year.

This year we are planning to open the Museum for Easter Weekend 20th, 21st and 22nd April, providing the wather is reasonable.

We hope you will be able to join us at tthe following events.

18th February- 7pm at the Youth Hall Bishop's Waltham
Join us for a talk by Alan Inder, entitled "The Railway and Bishops Waltham."
Free, plus tea and coffee.

March 18th 2019 -7pm at the Youth Hall
Tony Kipenberger has prepared a new talk - "A Quick Stroll Through Bishop's Waltham History- the last 12,000 years." There is always something new to learn about the history of Bishop's Waltham.
Again free and tea and coffee.

8th April - At the Jubilee Hall
We welcome you to our AGM, which is followed by a talk.We aim to keep the business of the AGM as brief as possible.
Following a break for tea and coffee we are fortunate to have Vicki Spacey and Alan Matlock speaking about he Spitfire Aircraft and it's relevance to Bishop' Waltham.
They will give a joint presentation on the outcomes of the Nuffield Theatres Southampton's Lottery-Funded project, Out of the Shadows. This grew out of the theatre's production of a new play, The Shadow Factory, by Howard Brenton. It tells the story of the bombing of the Supermarine Factories in Woolston and the subsequent dispersal across the city, and beyond.
The talk will aim to present the findings of the whole project but with a local focus on, amongst others, the stores in Claylands, and the airfield and aircraft construction at Marwell.

Some comments from our visitors.
First time to museum even though we live at Locks Heath. Will bring others now.

An excellent addition to the Palace Ruins,some very interesting exhibits all nicely presented and accompanied by solid information.
Thank you.  

I enjoyed dressing up as a knight. Jack, me and my granddad came here and we had a very interesting time.

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